This website pulls together the results of an exciting six year project. In June 2009 we instigated a research and development project on the supply chain of endgrain flooring tiles.

Note: Coed Cymru’s remit is to help and advise on the management of woodlands and the sustainable use of the products that derive from them. We do not sell or manufacture timber products. For further information please contact our advisors at Coed Cymru.

The significant factor is that these tiles are derived from low value small diameter Welsh timber. The project was funded through the European Fund for Rural Development as part of the Welsh Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme projects.

This is a summary of the work undertaken using small diameter Welsh timber sourced from sustainably managed woodlands. The research demonstrated the inherent potential in the properties of the endgrain of timber. We have shown how this type of material can have significant value added through each section of the supply chain. We now know that there is considerable potential for new products for the flooring and wall covering markets.

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